Amelia Ferrari

Em Dobbin (AKA Amelia Ferrari)


Em was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. Living in the mountains meant growing up living an active lifestyle and Em developed a passion for the outdoors and all of the plants and animals that made up her surroundings.

In her early college years, Em studied to become a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, and later obtained a Communications Degree in Public Relations. She entered into her career as a wine and spirits expert five years before starting her own business, Isola Herbals, where she creates island-inspired herbal skincare and haircare remedies. She continues to study the art of Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine while she grows her company.

A practicing Pagan and passionate herbalist, Em resides at her ‘Apothecary’ property where she grows her connection to the earth, her passion for health and wellness, and maintains her active lifestyle. She is a loving animal mum to a rescued senior Chihuahua, two witchy kitties and her two big boys: her Arabian horses.

Em can be found at and on Instagram @isolaherbals

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