Contribute to Witch Way Magazine!

Thank you so much in showing interest in contributing. We aim to really be a platform for all types of folks looking to share their voice, experiences, and knowledge.

We have two types of contributors:

-Submission based – Essentially you write something you’re passionate about, you send it to us, we review it, and if I want to use it in an upcoming issue I let you know. I would pay you $15 per article and you would get a free digital copy of the issue your work appears in.

– Regular Contributors – This is for writers who want to be emailed monthly with available columns that we need filled and it comes on a first come, first serve basis on column assignment. This is best for those who want to write regularly but need a little direction on what to write about.

We also will include a bio and any links under your work that you would like. Both types of contributors would sign a subcontractors agreement that allows us to use your article in future digital and printed issues, website blog, as well as promotional.

Witch Way Magazine Submission Guidelines

How to Send Us Your Work: We accept submissions only through our email We get a lot of messages through Instagram but they are very
difficult to keep up with through that medium.

Formatting Your Manuscript: Please include a word document, PDF is extremely difficult to
work with. Please include author’s name (or penname how you would like it to appear), email
address, as well as any bio or links you would like to appear with your article.

Marketing of Articles: We do market 80% of the articles in the issue 2 weeks before the issue is
out, as well as 2 weeks after the issue is out. We are unable to promote writer’s social media profiles at this time.

Timing: Submissions may be sent to us at any time, year-round. If accepted we will try to fit it
into any upcoming that we fill it fits into.

Response Time: Our response varies from a few days to a few weeks.

Payment to Authors: Writers are paid $10-$15 per work based on the content.

Word Count Guidelines:
Currently there are no word count guidelines. We expect that most writers have a good sense of
judgement in terms of that. If you are thoroughly covering your subject, and are not dragging it
out, you’ll be in good shape.