January 2017 issue is now Available!



*Learn about Auramancy and how to read and interpret auras
*Fiction and Non-Fic Book Reviews
*Creating an Awesome 2017
*Black Kyanite Reference Sheet
*Potions for Transformation
*The Return of Mass Hexing in our Culture
*The Austria Witch Hunts
*Inspired by the Swamp – Calming Corning Bath Routine
*Interview with Roniit and video “The Beautiful People”
*Learn 2 NEW Tarot Spreads for January
*Monthly Tarot Forecast
*We tried 21 Days of Affirmations for Wealth and Abundance
*Monthly Affirmation
*A New Method for Shadow Work
*Janus – The God/dess of the month
*Historic and Goetic Spirits
*Witches and Exams Comic
*Monthly Astrology forecast, with rituals
*Introduction to new Comic series
*Working with Aloe Vera
*Guest Blogger: Why does Tarot Work?
*How to use Runes in Magic Work
*A look at the Witches’ Mark tradition
*Chapter 8 of A.U
*PLUS FREE bullet journal printable

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