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Explore witchcraft, spells, magic, and all things mystical in each edition of Witch Way Magazine.

Witch Way’s digital magazine promotes a variety of spiritual directions offering something for everyone whether Wiccan/Wicca, Eclectic, Druid/Druidism, Shamanism, or another free-thinking religion.

This published e-magazine provides a spotlight on pagan paths delivering content related to magic spells, divination, herbs, oils, recipes, and more! Each magazine covers modern and historical issues in Paganism, spirituality, metaphysical, theology and magical philosophy.

Witch Way Magazine is written in hopes to empower and inform readers like you to seek inspiration as you walk your unique, spiritual journey.
Articles in the Issue:

*No Bloat Fall Fitness – Fit Witch
*Dream Divination
*Chapter 5 of the exclusive Witch Way story “A.U.”
*Celebrating Samhain
*Boundary Crossed – Fiction Book Review
*Tarot Mysteries Rediscovering the Real Meaning of the Cards – Non-fiction Book Review
*So Weird – Bewitching TV Show Review
*Crystal of the Month – Carnelian
*Building Psychic Abilities
*History and Folklore of Halloween
*Mini-Meditation Techniques to use on the fly
*Recipes and more for your Samhain and Dumb Supper feast
*Verbena Apthecary and We’Moon Datebook Reviews
*Interview with Pagan author Tess Whitehurst
*Learn a Spread – Learn 2 Tarot Spreads to use this time of year!
*October Tarot Forecast
*Introducing a new column – Monthly Astrology forecasts
*We Tried Ghost Hunting so you wouldn’t have to
*Pain Release spell
*Mirthful Mother – Children and the Unknown
*Monthly Affirmation
*Charon: The Ferryman of the River Stix
*Protectors and Gatekeepers – The roles of Spirits
*Parents and Paganism – Pagan Comic
*Herbal blends for October *The Herbal Witch
*Discovering The Spirit World (The Ether)
*The Overlooked and Vital role of Spirits in Witchcraft
*Preparing for a Dumb Supper
*The Games of the Dead that Children Play

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