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The first ever available printed issue of Witch Way Magazine! The Spirit Guide Vol 1 is a collection of both ghost stories from our readers along with some of our favorite spirit themed articles from the first 12 months of Witch Way Magazine!

Display on your coffee table during the haunted season, or whenever the mood strikes. Read out loud with your friends the ghost stories within, and right as everyone starts to get nervous, flip the issue over to reveal a Ouija board! Grab a small glass and begin!

Using a high-grade commercial printer all issues are high-quality with crisp images, and thick paper. Perfectly bound this is a beautiful piece to keep around.

34 pages in total, including the front and back covers, you can expect to find the following information within:

-15 ghost stories shared with us from our readers

-A look at Ouija boards with a feature about our experience and what we learned.

-Insidious: A review – the look at how spirits and astral projection are portrayed in this somewhat accurate look at out of body experiences.

-Meet Psychic Erin Pavlina: Erin Pavlina answers our questions about spirits and the afterlife, as well as her own take on the portrayal of the spirit realm in the movie “Insidious.”

– Preparing your home for your Ancestors: Don’t plan to do a whole dumb supper? We share other ways you can honor the spirits of your loved ones.

– Haunted Hollywood: We go over our favorite stories of haunted places around Hollywood, California.

– Connect to your Ancestors Guided Meditation: We share a guided meditation script that you can perform to help yourself and your friends connect to your ancestors.

– The Legacy of Hans Holzer, an Interview with Alexandra Holzer: We talk with the daughter of Hans Holzer, the man who taught us everything about spirits. Hans and his experiences are the inspiration for both “The Amityville Horror” and “Ghostbusters” – Find out more about this man and what he learned about the spirit world.

-Ouija board back: this issue comes with a Witch Way only designed Ouija board back cover than you can flip over and enjoy at any time!

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